New Year New Me Strength 2020

The New Year, New Strength challenge will run alongside the New Year, New Me fat loss challenge (You can only choose one or the other to compete in). The goal of this challenge is to gain as much strength as possible. The core of this challenge will not be based off of who can lift the most, but who can GAIN the most strength. You will have one week to test your max lifts at the beginning of the challenge and another week at the end to retest your new max. Those who gain the most strength based off of their own bodyweight and weight lifted will be crowned the winner. The scores will be based off your WILKS SCORE.

The Wilks Calculator is used to compare the relative strength level of squat, bench press and deadlift. It can be used independently of different weights of lifters to give a fair indication of relative strength.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd Male and Female in the Wilks category: 1st place gets choice and 2nd gets the other.
Fitbit Versa Lite or Massage Gun
We also have a prize for 1st place Male and Female for the heaviest overall total from the post-test.
Lifting Belt

Dates to Remember:
January 6 – January 10: Testing for 1 rep max (1RM)
April 6 – April 10: Retest for new 1RM

New Strength Total/Lifts:
• Squat
• Bench Press
• Deadlift

The standards are as follows: (You will need a trainer to watch and verify your lifts either in person or record yourself and show them the video. All points must be visible for video to be confirmed.)

Squat: Must reach depth by clearly breaking parallel. And standing to full hip and leg extension
Bench Press: Must have three points of contact at all times: shoulders, and glutes must stay on the bench, as well as the feet must stay on the ground. Must touch to chest then press to full lock out. (NO BOUNCE OFF CHEST)
Deadlift: Must lift from ground to full lock out of hips and knees. Shoulders must clearly be in line or behind the bar. BAR CANNOT BE DROPPED FROM THE TOP OF THE LIFT, IT MUST BE LOWERED TO THE GROUND.