New Year New Me 2020

The New Year new me Challenge
The New Year New Me challenge is a fat loss based 12 week challenge designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals and kick the new year off right! This challenge will have 3 male winners and 3 female winners.
This challenge will run alongside our New Year, New Strength challenge (You can only choose one or the other to compete in).
Prizes for this challenge will be: (1st place gets first choice)
Fitbit Versa Lite
Massage Gun
Wellness Gear (3rd place)

Participants will receive a 1 point for every pound of fat mass lost, 1 point for every percent of body fat lost, 1 point for every pound of weight lost, and they will receive 1 point for every pound of lean body mass gained (not skeletal muscle). Since we promote healthy eating habits and NO crash dieting we will be deducting 1 point for every pound of lean body mass lost.
We encourage you to take before and after photos to highlight your progress.
Note: InBody or Tanita reading should be done at the same time of day, also note pre or post workout to promote accuracy, and to ensure clients are tested fairly.

January 6th- January 10th: Initial Measurements
April 6th- April 10th: Final Measurements
Winner’s announced by April 13th