May 2023 Push up Challenge

The Push-Up Challenge is an incentive to improve
the efficiency and stamina of our push-ups. It will
occur during the month of May, and it may look
familiar to you. If it does, you are right! We repeat
challenges as a reminder to continue doing the
You will take a pre-test Monday, May 1, or Tuesday,
May 2. You will choose the push-up or one of its
modifications and test your max repetitions for that
form. Depending on how many repetitions of push-ups
you complete, you will be put into levels. Each level starts
at a certain number, beginning Wednesday, May 3. Every day
you will add one push-up each day. If at any point you reach a
number you cannot complete, you will decrease the number by three
and continue adding one push-up a day. For example: Jane starts at Level
2 (five push-ups) on Wednesday, May 3; Thursday, she will add one and do
six, then the following Friday, she will complete seven. Let’s say she gets to 11
and cannot complete 12. She will decrease that number by three and complete
nine the next day.
You will follow this pattern for the month of May until Thursday, May 25, and Friday, May 26,
when you will complete your post-test again for maximum repetitions.
Level 1 – If you complete 1-5 push-ups, you will start with 1 push-up.
Level 2 – If you complete 6-10 push-ups, you will start with 5 push-ups
Level 3 – If you complete 11-15 push-ups, you will start with 10 push-ups.
Level 4 – If you complete 16-20 push-ups, you will start with 15 push-ups.
Level 5 – If you compete 21-25 push-ups, you will start with 20 push-ups.
Wellness Center
Flyer – 8.5×11 – Light
• Pre-test (push-up for maximum repetitions)
• Progressive push-ups per day (rules are located above)
• Post-test (push-ups for maximum repetitions)
• Improve efficiency of the push-up.
• Improve overall strength and stamina of the push-up or its modifications.
• Highlight the points of performance of the push-up.
• May 1 & May 2 (Pre-test)
• May 3 – May 26 (Progressive Push-up Challenge)
• May 25 & May 26 (Post-test)
• Get with a coach by Tuesday, May 2 and choose a push-up variation as well as complete your Pre-test.
• A Wellness Staff Member (WSM) will give you a Push-up challenge card (keep up with your card).
WSM will sign each day that you complete your push-ups. At your convenience, dates have been assigned
for each day on your card.
• If you cannot attend the gym that day, you are responsible for videoing your push-ups and either posting it to
the Choctaw Wellness or Choctaw CrossFit Facebook page or show to a WSM to be verified and signed off.
It must be a WSM.
• Post-tests can be completed on Thursday, May 25 or Friday, May 26.
• If you complete 100% (20/20) you will receive 15 Well Bucks! If you complete 80% (16/20) you will receive
8 Well Bucks!
• Good Luck and have Fun!
Wellness Center
Wellness Center
Flyer – 8.5×11 – Light