January Squat the New Year Challenge 2020

January Squat the New Year Challenge
What is the Squat the New Year challenge?
The Squat Challenge is occurring during the month of January. It is a month long challenge focusing on the movement of the squat. The goal of the challenge is to get you stronger in your body weight squat, knowledge of the squat and its modifications, and to acquire safer and more efficient movement for your squat. Sounds like a good deal to us! You have Monday through Friday, starting January 6th until January 31st to achieve 30 squats a day or one of its modifications. If at any point during the week you cannot come in during the week you can video your squat and post it to either the Choctaw Wellness Center or Choctaw CrossFit Facebook pages or have a coach verify that video for you. Squats are excluded on weekends and do not count toward your challenge. If you are in need of a modification for your squats, one of our trainers would be happy to help you with finding the right one for you.
The Squat the New Year Challenge includes:
? Squats per day
Goals for the challenge:
? Improve the stamina of the Squat.
? Improve the stability of the Squat.
? Improve the Mobility of the Squat.
? To point out the points of performance of the Squat.
Dates to remember:
? January 6th – January 31st (Squat Challenge)
Things to know:
? Get with a Wellness Staff Member by Monday, January 6th to start your challenge.
? Wellness Staff will give you a Squat challenge card (keep up with your card). Staff will sign each day that you complete your session of Squats. (At your convenience, dates have been assigned for each day on your card).
? You will be responsible if you cannot attend the gym that day, to video your Squats for that day and either post it to the Choctaw Wellness or Choctaw CrossFit Facebook pages or show to wellness staff to be verified and signed off.
? If you complete 100% (18/18) you will receive 15 Well Bucks! If you complete (12/18) you will receive 8 Well Bucks! So, if you want those Well Bucks, be consistent!