November 2019 challenge

November 2019 challenge

November Burpee Challenge
What is the Burpee challenge?
• The Burpee challenge is simple! You will do the allotted amount of burpees each day of November. Including Thanksgiving Day and days the gym is closed! Why the Burpee challenge? The Burpee challenge is here to help improve our overall conditioning and movement, as well as to burn off some of those meddling extra calories most of us are going to splurge on during Thanksgiving. To perform the burpee challenge you must complete the amount of burpees that correlate with the day of the month. For example, if it is the 23rd of November, you do 23 Burpees that day. The challenge will take place Monday thru Friday. (Nov.4-Nov.29) There will also be different levels to participate in if you are wanting to add some difficulty.

Level 1 – Doing the amount that is corresponding with the day.
Level 2 – Doubling the amount that is corresponding with the day.
Level 3 – Tripling the amount that is corresponding with the day.
The Burpee Challenge includes:
• Burpee Sessions per day (information located above)

Goals for the challenge:
• Improve overall conditioning.
• Improve overall movement.

Dates to remember:
• November 4th – November 29th (Burpee Challenge)

Things to know:
• Get with a coach by Monday, November 4th and follow the next bullet.
• Wellness Staff will give you a Burpee challenge card (keep up with your card). W. Staff will sign each day that you complete your session of burpees. (At your convenience, dates/lengths have been assigned for each day on your card).
• You will be responsible if you cannot attend the gym that day and, to video your burpees for that day and either post it to the Choctaw Wellness or Choctaw CrossFit Facebook pages or show to a Wellness Staff Member to be verified and signed off. (It must be wellness Staff)
• If you complete 100% (20/20) you will receive 15 Well Bucks! If you complete (75% 15/20) you will receive 8 Well Bucks! So, if you want those Well Bucks, be consistent!